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Social networking: Are You Still Being Anti-Social Today?

Social networking is all about chipping in precious content and making associates. Web 2.0 or not, human beings are social creatures and marketers are already betting their influence by declaring “Web 2.0 is crap”. In fact, there’s no healthier way to build up trustworthiness and formulate your personality recognized than to be consistently ‘alive’ and ‘happening’ on the Net. From the SEO perspective of outlook, you can also accrue more back links and afterwards more traffic to your sites.

Social networking sites aren’t just for adolescents anymore. Today, these sites cross the scale of demographic groups. While adolescents are still more appropriate to bring into play them than elder individuals, there are now niche social networking sites as has been said, which target people who share common interests like Business or Sports.

In addition to teenagers and adults, social networks are more and more becoming used by another group—businesses. That’s precise; lots of businesses are now infiltrating social networks to promote in some subtle manner—and then imitate their significance through systems that are already accessible within the social network. I’ll discuss how to promote without the in-your-face loom.

The most well-known social network must be My Space, which possessed a membership foot of 100 million members in 2006 in second quarter. If the affiliate product you are selling has a broad appeal, you may want to use MySpace to bazaar your product, as you will be able to reach the largest crowd quickly.

What are the ways? One way is to setup a profile, purchase what is called an “adder robot” software* and then begin adding friends to your list on a daily basis. Depending on your goals, you may want to add a personal profile for yourself and then talk about your business/product on your page; or you may want to simply create a profile for your business and use that to market your product. While you can send out bulletins advertising your product through MySpace, this is generally discouraged by the Myspace staff and could lead to you getting banned. It is probably a good idea to avoid this; instead, post related bulletins that don’t advertise your product, but talk about something similar. This will drive interested visitors to your page, where they can learn more about the affiliate product you are selling. Note however, that you will have to link to a non-affiliate page, as affiliate links are expressly forbidden on MySpace.

Once you have had some experience marketing to the MySpace crowd, you will want to consider looking at other social networking sites. One other large site is of course Friendster. Facebook is another large social networking site, which caters specifically to college and high school students.

Whichever sites you decide to use, keep the following in mind:

Your goal should be to develop a network of people who, first and foremost, share a common interest. Take the time to read everything that is available, the rules, regulations and protocol, and get a feel for how members interact with one another on the site.

The second part of your remark offers a benefit for visiting your site in kind, like a free download

Sometimes you may not have a benefit on offer, but just leaving a comment on the other member’s account interface is good enough to stamp a presence for other future members to come by and take notice of you. You just have to do it consistently. Be active and ‘happening’.

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Amarendra is the Chief Executive Officer and Editorial Director at CEOWORLD Magazine, and is responsible for all business management, company operations, finance, and social advertising operations.

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