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Time & Efficiency Expert at Executive Training Camp
Pat Mixon is a Time & Efficiency Expert and the founder of Executive Training Camp, the world’s premier place for 21st Century training, strategies, and systems that allow Manager, Executives, and Business Owners to take their game to the next level.
Pat’s in the business of giving people BACK THEIR TIME.
Pat writes about and helps individuals learn new systems and strategies around Time Management, Delegation, Email Management, To Do Lists, Meeting Management, Making Decisions, and Managing/Working Remotely and more.
He is also managing partner at The Infrastructure Company.
Visit his website at: and his firm’s consulting website for finance, accounting, operations and technology at

Vacations are an endangered species, at least for the majority in the business world. And they are borderline extinct for sole proprietors and small business owners. Here are the Top 5 reasons why people don’t take vacations anymore and afterwards,

Under constant bombardment in the information overload 21st Century, Time Management comes down to literally becoming infected by one of these primary methods of communication: Email, Text, Phone, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. These are all rivers of information flow and each

We are living in the 21st Century but the business world is still operating like a factory in 1910. The entire reason we have the 8-hour workday (it used to be longer) is because it is based on the factory