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Senior Vice President for Legal and General Counsel at Skinny IT Corp.
Martin A. Brown is Senior Vice President for Legal and General Counsel for Skinny IT Corp. in Frisco, Texas. Based in Frisco, Texas, Skinny IT Corp. delivers a wide range of customizable information technology solutions to more than 150 enterprises worldwide, helping them to optimize operational efficiencies and increase the bottom line. Skinny IT Corp. offers a wide array of IT solutions for converged solutions providers, large-scale national retailers and valueadded resellers across the country.

Prior to working for Skinny IT Corp., Martin practiced both transactional law and complex commercial litigation at the Oklahoma City law firm of Mulinix, Ogden, Hall & Ludlam, PLLC (now known as Mulinix, Goerke & Meyer) and at the law firm of Basinger, Leggett, Clemons, Bowling, Shore & Crandall, PLLC located in Plano, Texas.
Martin A. Brown

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