Author: Krisi Rossi O’Donnell

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Vice President of Staffing & Recruiting at LaSalle Network

LaSalle Network
, a staffing and professional services firm headquartered in Chicago. O’Donnell has over nine years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry, and has placed professionals in technology, accounting, finance and executive leadership positions. As Vice President of Staffing and Recruiting, O’Donnell manages 37 people across four business units. She is responsible for managing the internal process for identifying, qualifying and placing candidates.

According to CareerBuilder, 31% of employers plan to convert temporary employees into full-time workers in Q2 of 2015, up from only 26% in Q2 of 2014. This is a great indicator that the economy is continuing to improve, however, companies

With the recovering market, top talent is hard to win over, let alone retain. Companies need to get more creative in how they retain key players, and that’s especially true for smaller companies with smaller budgets that can’t go up

Many mentoring programs focus on coaching employees on their hard skills to excel in their roles specifically. Corporate grandparenting focuses on developing proven performers into future leaders as part of a succession plan. In this, corporate grandparents address bigger company