Prospects for Foreign Investment in India’s Entertainment and Media Industry
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Dackshta Rana

Prospects for Foreign Investment in India’s Entertainment and Media Industry

by 01/17/2017

Media has its own important role in our lives. It has brought nations together through events, happenings and news that take place in different corners of the globe. Media brings along entertainment to lighten educate and refresh our minds. Be

Business Opportunities In Sports In India

by 12/08/2016

Sports is enjoyed by everyone, participants as well as the spectators! While sports can be a lifestyle for some people, it is a stress buster for a few, leisure for many and entertainment for the enthusiasts. For centuries, the buzz

Best Business Schools In India, 2016

by 11/24/2016

In the early decades, a specialised academic background for running a successful business was not mandatory. But with the emergence of fresh ideas and new competition, the Importance of specialized B schools has increased considerably since the 20th century. Today,

Why India needs Technological and Financial support from the World?

by 11/04/2016

India has made huge advancements in the past few decades and continues to progress.  The world now recognizes India as one of the fastest growing economies with GDP growth rate of 5-6%. Over a period of time, there has been