Strengthen your brand in a recession
Chi-Pong Wong

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Service Segment Manager V at HP Inc
Chi-Pong Wong is a seasoned professional proficient in customer experience, vendor and partner relations, marketing and branding, supply-chain strategy, and program and project management. He has published articles on leading online magazines including Venture Beat, Internet Retailer, Marketing Profs, CEOWORLD, Smart Business, Customer Think, Triple Pundit, UX Matters, Service Director Business Review, Project Times, Project Management, PM Hut, Supply Chain Brain, Supply Chain Digital, and other popular journals. He earned a MA in Economics at SUNY @ Stony Brook and a MS in Computer Science at Duke University. He is currently with HP Inc., Hewlett-Packard, Arrow Electronics, IBM, STMicroelectronics, and NEC Electronics.
Chi-Pong Wong

Strengthen your brand in a recession

by 03/29/2016

Market Contraction is an opportunity Attitude determines outcome. How businesses emerge after a market contraction depend a lot on how they take on the challenge – fight it with downsizing maneuvers, embrace it as enhancement opportunities, or enact a mix

Satisfaction and Loyalty – So Transient and So Circumstantial

by 10/08/2015

Customer Experience (CX) Score Does Not Equate Customer Experience CX score does not show the true essence of the whole customer experience. The latter is the amalgamated feeling through cumulative interactions a customer has with a particular business whereas the

RICE, the Fuel to Optimize Fan Influences

by 10/07/2015

Companies have been applying various apparatus to grow fan bases and charm their cheerleaders to endorse their brands, but most have yet to harness their huge untapped fan values because the latter simply need to be tailored to reconcile with

Disturbed by False Advertising? Get Over It!

by 10/29/2014

Fraudulent Promulgation Is a Widespread Disease : Inaccurate advertising has become a worldwide phenomenon. Attention grabbing lawsuits involving duplicitous activities by big and global conglomerates are on the news almost monthly, not to mention the litigations involving smaller players that