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Associate editor (Digital Content) at CEOWORLD Magazine
Associate editor (Digital Content) at the CEOWORLD magazine. New Yorker. Generally prefer dogs to humans. Loves dragons.
Editor, Amelia W Grant

Within any type of higher level institution or organization, it is quite probable to see a computer network set up through WiFi. While this is great for employees as they have permanent connection to the internet wherever they go within

The 21st century was a new dawn for businesses, with many just beginning to wake up to the economic potential that had been available since the beginning of the world wide web a decade previously. New ways of identifying, reaching,

Here are 8 incredibly valuable websites that let you book high-end luxury hotels and holidays, these sites will save you the trouble of trawling through endless internet listings. Jetsetter - Jetsetter offers discounted rates at top hotels around the world. It's

Getting into a rut with the way you do business and communicate is a surefire ingredient for failure. You need to shake things up and keep them fresh, or else operations as well as employee innovation start to stagnate. It’s also

The number one institution on CEOWORLD magazine’s list of the world's best universities with internationally employable graduates was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As it turns out, MIT graduates are among the most employable in the world, followed by

Whether you work at a small time online shop or a chain department store, everyone likes to be given choice. Especially when you’re dealing with fashion. Whether business casual or full formal wear, everybody likes to be given a choice