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Associate editor (Digital Content) at CEOWORLD Magazine
Associate editor (Digital Content) at the CEOWORLD magazine. New Yorker. Generally prefer dogs to humans. Loves dragons.
Editor, Amelia W Grant

Famously, Winston Churchill defined Russia as "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma." For most top analysts and political scientists, something about Churchill's explanation ring true to this day, however strange it may seem. I've compiled a

Today, I've decided to share some of the most interesting and fun facts, you probably didn't know about Ukraine. You may be surprised at what you learn. Make sure you leave in comments which facts you did know, and

As CEO or as a high level executive, it is important to understand how changes in the business and political environment around you affect your enterprise.  This is especially true when large scale investments in infrastructure take place as these

With an estimated fortune of £16.2 billion, Hinduja brothers - Srichand and Gopichand, have been ranked the richest people in the UK, according to the new Sunday Times Rich List for 2017. Taking second position is Len Blavatnik (Soviet emigre and

If you are a student thinking of a career in fashion, you will want to know which institutes are the best. According to CEOWORLD magazine’s ranking of the best fashion schools in the world for 2017, 5 French institutions are counted

With the advancement of technology and popularity of internet, WordPress has become more than just a blogging platform. Nowadays, WordPress has become a fully developed content management system (CMS). And for this reason, thousands of businesses have switched to using WordPress. In

Whether you are itching to start your own fashion enterprise or aiming for a great position at an established fashion brand, the right institute can make a world of difference. CEOWORLD Magazine has crunched the numbers once again, releasing its