The 15 Brand building strategies you shouldn’t be miss...

The 15 Brand building strategies you shouldn’t be missing

There are countless ways to build your brand online, here’s 15. Even seasoned marketers can admit that sometimes it’s hard to think of everything –there are countless ways to build a brand online, it’s hard to keep track of all of them.

And the marketer’s brand building journey of a thousand steps begins with one; here’s the next x!

  1. Gauge Headline Effectiveness

Online tools like CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer make it easy to gauge the effectiveness of article headlines. Simply enter your headline, and it will provide you with a headline rating score based on their research.

  1. Use Unique Keywords

When writing new content, you do not want to use the same, exact keywords your competitors are using. You’ll want to change it up in order to take the path of least resistance –competing for the same keywords can be a costly exercise.

Using long tail keywords can be much more effective than exact match keywords. WordTracker is a great tool for dissecting your content to show you which keywords will stand out to the right audiences.

  1. Make it Tweetable

Share buttons are a great way to get your content out there, but one tactic we don’t see used enough is the Click to Tweet link.

For this one, simply take a Tweet-length sentence and turn it into a link that opens up a Twitter window for readers to share it. It’s just one more way for your content to spread, and you can do this multiple times throughout an article.

  1. Choose Content Topics Wisely

Creating original content is an asset that matures over time –but it doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel. Discover popular, trending articles and then add your own creative spin on them. Ninja Outreach is a great way to figure out which articles are performing best on other websites so you can create new content knowing it will be a hit, right out of the gate.

  1. Content Distribution

There’s a number of ways to distribute content –for those “from around the web” widgets you find on popular websites there’s Zemanta, and for distribution over sites like Twitter there’s Triberr.

  1. Visitor Information Profiles

You want to learn as much as possible about your visitors –every marketer does. But you don’t want to bombard them or take enjoyment out of visiting your website. Instead, it’s easier to collect data from them in smaller bites through different touch points. Cookies, forms, and the Facebook tracking pixel are just a handful of ways to accomplish this.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Working with influencers to increase your reach is an incredibly powerful form of marketing. Influencer marketing will help your brand align with popular individuals and allow you to effectively borrow other audiences to fulfill your mandate. Again, Ninja Outreach makes this possible by helping marketers identify leading influencers around the web and facilitate email outreach.

  1. Retargeting

Perfect Audience is one such tool that makes it easy for marketers to capture website visitor cookie information, which can be then used to distribute ads across the web.

They also have an email pixel that will allow you to track users who read your emails.

  1. Follow-Up with an Offer

An abandoned ecommerce shopping cart means that there was once someone about to make a purchase, and then for one reason or another –they didn’t. Abandoned shopping carts are the holy grail of leads, if you can coral them back to your website.

Most ecommerce software has the ability for business owners to send an email follow-up to users based on an action (or inaction). Simply follow up with an offer they can’t refuse within an hour.

  1. User-Generated Content

Sharing popular content that isn’t yours is not a lost opportunity or a hole in your bucket. Using tools like, it’s easy to create a call-to-action for anything you share via the social web.

Using this tool will create a small window on a web page you share, sort of like a “picture in picture” television. Create a CTA and link back to relevant content on your own website when you share content from around the web over social media.

  1. Social Snippets

An attractive social snippet is a great way to improve the likelihood that your best content will be re-shared, re-pinned, or re-tweeted. Make social snippets shine with catchy headlines and snappy images, and remember to respect the best practices in terms of social platform image sizes for each.

  1. Push Notifications

Push notifications are not just for mobile apps anymore –now your website can serve them up, too. Website add-ons like Push Assist can help improve the efficacy of your content by allowing your audience to opt in to push notifications, right on your website.

  1. Email for Download

The tried-and-true email for download will always be an effective online marketing strategy –and if you have not done this yet, consider this article your push to do so.

And you don’t need to necessarily create brand new content to accomplish this; you can format existing website content or offline paper content into a PDF and offer it up to website visitors in exchange for their email address. Which brings us to our next point..

  1. Repurpose Old Content

It’s easy to make what was old, new again. In our experience, it is easy to breathe new life into older content by repurposing it into other formats. We suggest you only repurpose your best performing content.

An article can become a video, audio podcast, slideshow, or infographic, and any one of the aforementioned content formats can be transcribed back into an article.

  1. Landing Page A/B Testing

Want to know what works best, and what can use some polishing? Website landing page A/B testing tools are available that will serve up multiple versions of a page to your website traffic. They often place a cookie in a browser to keep track of which user sees which page version, too –so they always see the same version, completely unaware that they’ve become your internet marketing lab rat.

In Summary

These are just a small handful of online brand building strategies we’ve been using lately.  How about you? What internet marketing strategies are you using to help build your own brand’s awareness online? Let us know in the comments.

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David is the co-founder of NinjaOutreach, an innovative new Blogger Outreach software for marketers.