37 American Universities In The World’s 100 Best Resea...

37 American Universities In The World’s 100 Best Research-Intensive Institutions For 2017: Harvard, Michigan, Johns Hopkins, And Stanford Tops

Thirty-seven American universities have been named among the top 100 research-intensive institutions in a prestigious CWTS Leiden Ranking 2017, topped by Harvard University, which was also ranked No. 1 globally. Here you can have a look at the 22 European universities among the top 100 research list, 2017.

Harvard was closely followed by the University of Michigan at No. 4, Johns Hopkins University at No.6, Stanford at No. 8, and the University of Washington at number 12. The latest rankings analyses the scientific performance of more than 900 major universities worldwide.

UCLA (14), UPenn(17), UW–Madison(20), the University of Minnesota -Twin Cities (20), and Columbia (23) rounded out the top ten.

The 37 American universities In Top 100 Research-Intensive Institutions In The World, 2017

  1. Harvard University (Global rank: 1)
  2. University of Michigan (Global rank: 4)
  3. Johns Hopkins University (Global rank: 6)
  4. Stanford University (Global rank: 8)
  5. University of Washington (Global rank: 12)
  6. University of California, Los Angeles – UCLA (Global rank: 14)
  7. University of Pennsylvania – UPenn (Global rank: 17)
  8. University of Wisconsin–Madison – UW–Madison (Global rank: 20)
  9. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities – UMN (Global rank: 22)
  10. Columbia University (Global rank: 23)
  11. University of California, Berkeley (Global rank: 24)
  12. University of California, San Diego (Global rank: 25)
  13. University of Pittsburgh (Global rank: 26)
  14. Ohio State University (Global rank: 28)
  15. Duke University (Global rank: 33)
  16. University of Florida (Global rank: 37)
  17. Yale University (Global rank: 40)
  18. University of California, Davis (Global rank: 41)
  19. Pennsylvania State University (Global rank: 43)
  20. Northwestern University (Global rank: 46)
  21. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT (Global rank: 49)
  22. University of California, San Francisco (Global rank: 51)
  23. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Global rank: 52)
  24. University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (Global rank: 57)
  25. University of Texas at Austin (Global rank: 60)
  26. Cornell University (Global rank: 65)
  27. Washington University in St. Louis (Global rank: 70)
  28. University of Texas Health Science Center at Houstonn (Global rank: 72)
  29. New York University – NYU (Global rank: 73)
  30. Texas A&M University, College Station (Global rank: 76)
  31. Rutgers University (Global rank: 77)
  32. Vanderbilt University (Global rank: 78)
  33. Purdue University – Lafayette (Global rank: 79)
  34. University of Southern California (Global rank: 81)
  35. Emory University (Global rank: 86)
  36. University of Chicago (Global rank: 93)
  37. Michigan State University (Global rank: 100)
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Executive features editor at The CEOWORLD magazine and lover of reality TV. I eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.