December 2016

Remy Bernstein

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Chief operating officer at L&T Co.
Remy directs all internal and client-facing operations for L&T Co., a brand publishing company with offices in New York City and St. Louis. A founding member of the Columbia University Startup Lab, Remy has overseen the precipitous growth of L&T's full-time staff and client base since joining the company in 2014.
Remy Bernstein

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Although consumers have grudgingly grown accustomed to providing their own customer service—whether at the bank, gas stations, grocery stores, public transit systems, airports and now even at restaurants, post offices and hospitals—there’s mounting evidence that this trend isn’t as good

The world is demanding more transparency from organisational leaders — to see the truth about how organisations are performing. A 2016 Transparency International report found that three quarters of a global sample of multinational corporations scored less that 5 out