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World’s 25 Best Universities For Business And Economics In 2016

Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT

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World’s 25 Best Universities For Business And Economics In 2016

Not surprisingly, in first place, claiming this year’s title of best university for business and economics, is Massachusetts Institute of Technology—or MIT. Number two on the 2016 list of the 25 best universities for business and economics in the world is famous Stanford University, followed by the University of Oxford at No. 3, University of Chicago at No. 4, and Harvard University at number 5.

For this ranking, we looked to the Times Higher Education (THE) list of the world’s best universities, which ranks schools based in which institutions offer the best programs in different disciplines. To put together its list, THE looked to 13 performance indicators in five categories: teaching (32.5% of overall score), research (32.5%), citations (25%), international outlook (7.5%) and industry income (2.5%).

World’s 25 best universities for business and economics in 2016.

Ranking of the best business and economics programs:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
2. Stanford University, United States
3. University of Oxford, United Kingdom
4. University of Chicago, United States
5. Harvard University, United States
6. Northwestern University, United States
7. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
8. University of California, Berkeley, United States
9. University of Pennsylvania, United States
10. Columbia University, United States
11. Tilburg University, Netherlands
12. Cornell University, United States
13. National University of Singapore, Singapore
14. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
15. University of Minnesota, United States
16. Carnegie Mellon University, United States
17. Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
18. Peking University, China
19. University of British Columbia, Canada
20. University of Warwick, United Kingdom
21. University of Toronto, Canada
22. University of Manchester, United Kingdom
23. University of California, San Diego, United States
24. University of Mannheim, Germany
25. Bocconi University, Italy

World's 25 Best Universities For Business And Economics In 2016

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