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Thursday, October 27, 2016
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List Of Top 20 Cities In The World For Business Tourism, 2015


List Of Top 20 Cities In The World For Business Tourism, 2015

Berlin, the German capital, is the most popular city for , according to a new survey, followed by , Barcelona, Vienna, and London.

Business vs. : According to the research conducted by the CEOWORLD magazine, are valued at three to four times more than , and on average will extend their stay by nearly 4 days once their are fulfilled.

Here are the top 20 cities for business tourism for the last 12 months were as follows:

 1. Berlin, Germany
2. Paris, France
3. Barcelona, Spain
4. Vienna, Austria
5. London, UK
6. Madrid, Spain
7. Singapore
8. Istanbul, turkey
9. Lisbon, Portugal
10. Copenhagen, Denmark
 11. Prague, Czech Republic
12. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
13. Brussels, Belgium
14. Seoul, South Korea
15. Hong Kong16. Bangkok, Thailand
17. Rome, Italy
18. Dublin, Ireland
19. Beijing, China
20. Budapest,Hungary

The World's Top 20 Cities For Business Tourism In 2015

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