May 2016

Chris Carmichael

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Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder at Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation
Chris Carmichael is an expert in design, marketing, production, and distribution. As Ubiquity Broadcasting's Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, Carmichael manages the Web 3.0 Company’s strategy, content development and operations.
Chris Carmichael

Today, the growth of what is known as the “Visual Web” is rapidly outstripping the traditional internet. What this means is that images – photographs, memes, videos are becoming the preferred content on the internet, both in terms of uploads,

From startups to the federal government, no organization is immune to the unpredictable.  We’re only halfway through 2016, and the U.S. Department of Defense is already tackling a range of complex challenges: battling the Islamic State group, combating domestic terrorism,

The list represents a ranking of the world's top 20 leading container ship operators as of May 25, 2016, based on existing fleet and number of ships in their order books - an overview of the top worldwide shipping lines.

Why Does Employee Financial Wellness Matter? Employers are increasingly providing their employees with more choices when it comes to retirement planning, health care, and other benefits. Offering a range of options is important, but the true key to any effective benefits

It’s no wonder, for the 4th consecutive year, Singapore's famed Changi International Airport has been voted by air travellers as the world's best airport for 2016, according to Skytrax, an aviation research organisation. Coming in 2nd was Incheon Airport in Seoul,

Berlin, the German capital, is the most popular city for business tourism, according to a new survey, followed by Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, and London. Business vs. Leisure Travelers: According to the research conducted by the CEOWORLD magazine, business travelers are valued

Summer is almost around the corner, Bill Gates --- philanthropist, Microsoft co-founder, has unveiled the 5 books he recommends you read while relaxing on holiday -  Mr. Gates’s summer 2016 reading list. Sure, some of them sound like pretty daunting reads