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Friday, October 21, 2016
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The Top 20 Healthiest Countries In The World


The Top 20 Healthiest Countries In The World

Singapore has topped the list of World’s healthiest countries ranking, according to a recent report by Bloomberg. The list ranks countries using data from the United Nations, the World Bank, and the World Health Organization.

The rankings, placed Singapore in first place among 145 countries, with an overall “health grade” of 89.45 percent. Italy ranked second healthiest with with 89.07 percent, while Australia came third with 88.33 percent, followed by Switzerland, Japan, and Israel.

The United Kingdom failed to reach the top 20, ranking at number 21 with a score of 76.84%, behind Belgium, Ireland and Norway. China ranked No. 55 healthiest with an overall score of 53.55%, while another Asian economic powerhouse, India lags behind at 103rd position with 22.17 per cent.

To identify the World’s healthiest countries rankings, the media outlet created health scores and health-risk scores for countries with populations of at least 1 million.

The Top 20 Healthiest Countries In The World

The top 20 healthiest countries in the world:

1. Singapore
Health grade: 89.45%

2. Italy
Health grade: 89.07%

3. Australia
Health grade: 88.33%

4. Switzerland
Health grade: 88.29%

5. Japan
Health grade: 86.83%

6. Israel
Health grade: 85.97

7. Spain
Health grade: 84.36%

8. Netherlands
Health grade: 84.09%

Health grade: 83.90%

10. Germany
Health grade: 83.58

11. Cyprus
Health grade: 83.29%

12. Austria
Health grade: 83.10%

Health grade: 82.99%

Health grade: 82.46%

15. New Zealand
Health grade: 81.79%

16. Greece
Health grade: 81.63%

17. Hong Kong
Health grade: 81.41%

18. Norway
Health grade: 80.53%

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19. Ireland
Health grade: 79.91%

20. Belgium
Health grade: 77.48%

The least healthiest countries in the world:

1 Swaziland
2 Lesotho
3 Democratic Republic of Congo
4 Chad
5 Mozambique
6 Burundi
7 Malawi
8 Angola
9 Uganda
10 Cameroon

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