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Friday, October 21, 2016
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8 Essential Entrepreneurial Skills to Teach Your Child (Infographic)


8 Essential Entrepreneurial Skills to Teach Your Child (Infographic)

Nobody says its easy being a child. As the pressure from year to year rises on getting good grades and growing up into a decent human being, it only gets harder as they mature into an adult. As parents and guardians, it’s natural to want your child to succeed in life and do the best they possibly can by teaching them essential skills that will help them get by.

Have you ever thought to consider that some of the skills that are taught to entrepreneurs and used within the world can actually be put into practice at a younger age? The entrepreneurial mind set treats each of the many hurdles in life as challenges to overcome instead of treating them like a brick wall. By teaching your child some of the most commonly-used entrepreneurial skills you can not only help them develop and be successful, but also get them ready for the big world of .

A recent published by WealthX looked at the top 20 wealthiest under the age of 35 with Evan Speigel, chief executive of Snapchat, being the youngest on the list at only 25 with a fortune of around $1.9 billion. With many under 35’s now possessing the entrepreneurial and business instincts to help them achieve success – teaching these initial skills to children may just be the perfect time to start preparing them.

8 Essential Entrepreneurial Skills to Teach Your Child (Infographic)

1. Resilience


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