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Sunday, October 23, 2016
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The Top 10 Most Amazing Yacht Charter Destinations, 2015

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The Top 10 Most Amazing Yacht Charter Destinations, 2015

Whether it’s breathtaking Greek Islands in the Mediterranean Sea or the unspoiled beauty of the Bahamas, sure its tempting to want to go back to the old favourites – British Virgin Islands, Cuba, or Thailand… but what about discovering somewhere new?

If you’re planning for the perfect sailing , check out CEOWORLD magazine’s selection of the best !

Selecting the perfect yacht charter requires matching your goals and desires with the climate, amenities, cuisine and places of interest of the possible destinations.

Fortunately, the team at CEOWORLD magazine is here to guide the way: our features the top 10 can’t-miss yacht charter destinations that we think should be on every yachting enthusiasts radar in 2015-2016. The was compiled by yacht charter experts at Cosmos Yachting GmbH and writers who rated the world’s best sailing destinations to create a list of 10 in total.

The Unmissable: Find out about the best sailing destinations in the world!

BUCKET LIST SAILING DESTINATIONS: The Top 10 Most Amazing Yacht Charter Destinations, 2015

1. The Dodecanese Islands

2. Croatia and Montenegro

3. Spain’s Balearic Isles

4. French Riviera

5. ’s Amalfi Coast

6. The Exumas, Bahamas

7. The southwest coast of Turkey

8. Fiji

9. Bermuda

10. Seychelles

The Top 10 Most Amazing Yacht Charter Destinations, 2015

[Yacht Charter attractiveness surveys 2015, image and data provider Cosmos Yachting GmbH] There’s only one question: Where will you go first?

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