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America’s Top 20 Best Colleges And Universities For Your Money: 2015-2016 Rankings

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America’s Top 20 Best Colleges And Universities For Your Money: 2015-2016 Rankings

Money magazine has released its list of colleges and universities that provide the best value for how much tuition costs in the United States for 2015-2016.

It isn’t surprising that, Stanford University ranked number 1 overall on the list, followed by Babson College in Massachusetts, and the Massachusettes Institute of Technology, which is tied with Princeton University for 3rd, based on educational quality, affordability and graduate earnings.

According to magazine, it costs nearly $178,731 to go through Stanford University, while alumni salaries average $64,400 annually after 5 years in the working world.

Stanford Graduate School of Business was ranked 4th, on CEOWORLD magazine’s list of best business school rankings For CEO And Entrepreneurs, 2015.

When it comes to getting the most value for your tuition dollar, Money Magazine placed California Institute of Technology at No. 5 on a list of more than 700 of the top Colleges And Universities in the U.S.

Money magazine’s rankings were based on 21 factors, including: tuition price, graduation rate, and the average annual salary alumni who graduated in the past 5 years earn, among other factors.

MONEY focused on the three basic factors that surveys show are the most important to parents and students:

1. Quality of education
2. Affordability
3. Outcomes

Here are the 20 best colleges and universities that are the best bang for your buck:

Rank Colleges And Universities Net Price of a Degree Avg. Early Career Earnings
1 Stanford University $178,731 $64,400
2 Babson College $200,891 $60,100
3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology $166,855 $72,500
3 Princeton University $148,626 $60,500
5 California Institute of Technology $186,122 $72,300
6 Harvey Mudd College $196,551 $76,400
6 Harvard University $187,763 $60,000
8 Maine Maritime Academy $107,422 $67,600
9 Amherst College $163,276 $55,700
9 University of California-Berkeley $133,549 $58,300
9 Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art $113,376 $63,300
12 University of Pennsylvania $194,148 $59,200
13 University of California-Irvine $122,445 $49,600
14 Rice University $157,824 $61,200
15 Brigham Young University-Provo $80,988 $51,600
15 Bentley University $178,550 $57,300
17 University of Virginia-Main Campus $97,028 $53,400
18 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor $95,088 $56,500
19 Claremont McKenna College $202,367 $55,500
20 Texas A&M University $84,732 $54,000


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