Time Sucks: The Top 5 Biggest Time Suckers in Business 680

Time matters, now more than ever. In our fast moving, information at our fingertips or on our wrist world, we are constantly bombarded not just with notifications but demands. The other side of the coin are distractions, where you find yourself “wasting” time or accomplishing little.
The ability to focus and create structured workdays are at a premium. But to work less and achieve more, it’s not only about a mindset but practical tactics. And, to really thrive, not just survive in this fast flowing, dynamic demanding business world, you have to avoid those five time suckers. If you don’t, then you’ll be muttering the ever growing complaint of “I just don’t have any time.”

Here’s the Top 5 Biggest Time Suckers.

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1. Interruptions
Interruptions are #1 because they block flow. Want to know the biggest secret of the world’s best time managers? They have dedicated “blocks” of time where they work uninterrupted. They establish boundaries within their workday schedule and are disciplined to keep it. This goes for subordinates and their bosses. Interruptions cost dearly. They break momentum. You lose your focus or your place.

2. Social Media
Social Media is the what I call the “video game for adults.” Want to lose one hour of your valuable workday? Check Facebook or Twitter regularly. In fact, studies show that workers now check their social media on average 7 times per day. Social Media is an excellent “communication channel.” But you have to use it like any other and treat it like email, the phone, etc.  Be disciplined and have a plan. This concept goes hand in hand with the concept in #1, which is to have a structured workday.

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