December 2014

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Featured Columnist at CEOWORLD Magazine
Deidre Paknad is CEO and Co-founder of Workboard, Inc. Workboard provides apps for executives and managers to share goals, priorities, action items, status and feedback with their teams and to automate status reports and dashboards.She was previously an executive at IBM and CEO of PSS Systems for many years.
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It’s that time of year again – time for reflection and self-improvement resolutions.   The holiday slow down and celebratory time with family and friends provide an essential, rejuvenating distance from day-to-day work. During this re-charge is a great time to

As we are coming to the end of another year, it’s time to rank the top ten biggest billionaire winners (and losers) of 2014.  Warren Buffett leads annual scorecard of biggest gainers, take a look at the 10 biggest winners

Whoops! Which chief executives made the most egregious blunders in 2014? Charlie Harary, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of H3 & Co. reveals the worst executive mistakes of 2014. Several on the list of 2014 screw-ups, like Donald Sterling, former Abercrombie & Fitch

Based on how you look at it, for second consecutive year, comedian Adam Sandler is the most overpaid actor according to Forbes magazine's annual “Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood” list, edging out Johnny Depp and dual Oscar winner Tom Hanks

Perhaps it's no surprise, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook has been named CNNMoney’s CEO of the year for 2014. Tim Cook beat out Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, BlackBerry CEO John Chen, GM CEO Mary Barra, and Yahoo's Marissa Mayer - among

Karen Hoguet, the chief financial officer of the retail behemoth Macy's Inc. has been named America’s top CFO of the year by the Wall Street Journal's CFO Journal. Journal put out its "America’s 20 top-performing finance chiefs of S&P 500 companies"

The 24-year-old British star, Emma Watson has claimed the title of top feminist celebrity for the year 2014 in a Ms. Foundation for Women online poll conducted in partnership with the fashion website Cosmopolitan. The UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson was

Oxford, Ohio, home to Miami University, is the best college city or town in the United States, according to Wallet Hub’s 2014 rankings of the best and worst college cities and towns the United States. State College, Pennsylvania comes in 2nd,

Karen M. Hoguet, CFO of Macy’s, Inc. has been named as No. 1 chief financial officer by the CFO Journal’s Top 20 ranking of corporate finance chiefs this year. To compile it’s finance chiefs ranking, Journal examined the performance of Standard

What does a real thought leader look like? How would you go about finding one, or becoming one in 2015? Mindy Gibbins-Klein featured Columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine reveals all. First and foremost, let’s start with the Wikipedia definition: ‘A futurist or person