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Top 25 Higher Education Institutions In The United States With The Most International Students: 2013-14 Ranking

As it turns out, New York University (NYU) is the most welcoming institutions in the United States in terms of its international student population, according to a survey of U.S. colleges conducted by New York nonprofit Institute of International Education, in partnership with the U.S. State Department.

New York University was ranked No. 1 on the list of the top 25 higher education institutions in the United States with the most international students: 2013-14 Ranking, While for the first time in 13 years, University of Southern California was No. 2 with 10,932 foreign-born students.

“Both institutions remain hugely attractive to international students, with some preferring the West Coast and the strengths of USC, and others finding NYC and NYU more appealing,” said Peggy Blumenthal, the senior counselor to the president for the group.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL was just below USC with 10,843 international students.

Columbia University is now the country’s 4th leading educator of foreign students, beating out its old rival, Purdue University .

In total, New York University (NYU) had 11,164 students from abroad in 2013-14, compared to 9,362 in the previous period – the size of NYU’s international student body grew by 19.2 percent in 2013-14.

However, most of these rich foreign students in the U.S, are the children of China and India’s elite. China sent the largest group, with about 274,000 students, more than double the number of students from India, the second biggest group.

More colleges and universities nationwide have come to depend on Chinese and indian students, according to the Institute of International Education survey. The number of Indian students in the United States increased by 6 percent to 102,673 in 2013-14, reversing a three-year trend of declining numbers of Indian students at US campuses.

Top 25 Higher Education Institutions In The United States With The Most International Students: 2013-14 Ranking

1. New York University, New York, NY
International students 2012/13: 9,362 and in 2013/14: 11,164, a 19.2-percent increase.

New York University (NYU)

2. University of Southern California. Los Angeles. CA
International students 2012/13: 9,840 and in 2013/14: 10,932, a 11.1-percent increase.

3. University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign. Champaign. IL
International students 2012/13: 9,804 and in 2013/14: 10,843, a 10.6-percent increase.

4. Columbia University. New York. NY
International students 2012/13: 8,797 and in 2013/14: 10,486, a 19.2-percent increase.

5. Purdue University – Main Campus. West Lafayette. IN
International students 2012/13: 9,509 and in 2013/14: 9,988, a 5.0-percent increase.

6. University of California – Los Angeles. Los Angeles. CA
International students 2012/13: 8,424 and in 2013/14: 9,579, a 13.7-percent increase.

7. Northeastern University. Boston. MA
International students 2012/13: 7,705 and in 2013/14: 9,078, a 17.8-percent increase.

8. Arizona State University. Tempe. AZ
International students 2012/13: 6,645 and in 2013/14: 8,683, a 30.7-percent increase.

9. Michigan State University. East Lansing. MI
International students 2012/13: 6,759 and in 2013/14: 7,704, a 14.0-percent increase.

10. University of Washington. Seattle. WA
International students 2012/13: 6,491 and in 2013/14: 7,469, a 15.1-percent increase.

11. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor. MI
International students 2012/13: 6,827 and in 2013/14: 7,273, a 6.5-percent increase.

12. Boston University. Boston. MA.
International students 2012/13: 6,615 and in 2013/14: 7,143. 8.0-percent increase.

13. Penn State University – University Park. University Park. PA
International students 2012/13:  6,693 and in 2013/14: 7,024, a 4.9-percent increase.

14. Ohio State University – Main Campus. Columbus. OH
International students 2012/13: 6,478 and in 2013/14: 6,800, a 5.0-percent increase.

15. Indiana University – Bloomington. Bloomington. IN.
International students 2012/13:  6,547 and in 2013/14: 6,661, a  1.7-percent increase.

16. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. Minneapolis. MN
International students 2012/13: 6,178 and in 2013/14: 6,621, a 7.2-percent increase.

17. SUNY University at Buffalo. Buffalo. NY
International students 2012/13: 5,804 and in 2013/14: 6,594, a 13.6-percent increase.

18. University of California – Berkeley. Berkeley. CA
International students 2012/13: 5,632 and in 2013/14: 6,372, a 13.1-percent increase.

19. University of Texas – Dallas. Richardson. TX
International students 2012/13: 5,193 and in 2013/14: 6,296, a 21.2-percent increase.

20. University of Florida. Gainesville. FL.
International students 2012/13: 5,961 and in 2013/14: 6,135, a 2.9-percent increase.

21. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. PA
International students 2012/13: 5,751 and in 2013/14: 6,024, a 4.7-percent increase.

22. University of Wisconsin – Madison. Madison. WI
International students 2012/13: 5,291 and in 2013/14: 5,718, a 8.1-percent increase.

23. University of Texas – Austin. Austin. TX
International students 2012/13: 5,481 and in 2013/14: 5,663, a 3.3-percent increase.

24. Texas A&M University. College Station. TX
International students 2012/13: 5,149 and in 2013/14: 5,582, a 8.4-percent increase.

25. Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh. PA
International students 2012/13: 4,744 and in 2013/14: 5,501, a 16.0-percent increase.


1. China 274,439 students, a 16.5-percent increase.
2. India 102,673 students, a 6.1-percent increase.
3. South Korea 68,047 students, a -3.7-percent decrease.
4. Saudi Arabia 53,919 students, a 21.0-percent increase.
5. Canada 28,304 students, a 3.5-percent increase.
6. Taiwan 21,266 students, a -2.7-percent  decrease..
7. Japan 19,334 students, a -1.2-percent  decrease.
8. Vietnam 16,579 students, a 3.0-percent increase.
9. Mexico 14,779 students, a 4.1-percent increase.
10. Brazil 13,286 students, a 22.2-percent increase.
11. Turkey 10,821 students, a -4.1-percent  decrease.
12. Iran 10,194 students, a 16.6-percent increase.
13. United Kingdom 10,191 students, a 7.6-percent increase.
14. Germany 10,160 students, a 3.5-percent increase.
15. France 8,302 students, a 0.1-percent increase.
16. Nepal 8,155 students, a -8.6-percent decrease.
17. Hong Kong 8,104 students, a 1.0-percent increase.
18. Nigeria 7,921 students, a 8.3-percent increase.
19. Indonesia 7,920 students, a 3.3-percent increase.
20. Thailand  7,341 students, a 0.4-percent increase.
21. Kuwait 7,288 students, a 42.5-percent increase.
22. Colombia  7,083 students, a 8.3-percent increase.
23. Venezuela 7,022 students, a 14.0-percent increase.
24. Malaysia 6,822 students, a 0.5-percent increase.
25. Spain 5,350 students, a 6.3-percent increase.

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