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America’s 10 Worst States For Business And Careers In 2014 List

The Mississippi State Capitol in Jackson, Mississippi

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America’s 10 Worst States For Business And Careers In 2014 List

Well, it’s no secret that Mississippi is having a difficult time creating jobs, largely due to a lousy current economic climate, burdened with the highest poverty rate in the United States of America, and lowest median household income at $37,432.

Nationally, Mississippi ranks 50th among the top 50 best states for business and careers, according to a new listing from Forbes magazine. The state ranked 46th for quality of life, 49th for growth prospects, economic climate, and labor supply, some of the indicators that went into the overall ranking.

“Mississippi finishes last for the first time due to bottom five rankings in four of our six main categories, including labor supply, economic climate, growth prospects and quality of life. The state ranks in the bottom three on both college and high school attainment rates …. a couple of positives: labor costs are 5.5% below the national average and the incentive climate is one of the best in the nation.” magazine said.

Utah has been ranked No. 1, with North Dakota second and North Carolina third. The Top 25 Best States For Business in the United States 2014. Who’s No. 1? Magazine cites factors like Utah’s position as a technology hub, which has brought business like Ebay and Oracle to the state, as part of the reason for the ranking.

The Mississippi State Capitol in Jackson, Mississippi

The 10 Worst States For Business And Careers In 2014 List

50. Mississippi
Business Costs Rank: 18 | Labor Supply Rank: 49 | Regulatory Environment Rank: 40
Economic Climate Rank: 49 | Growth Prospects Rank: 49 | Quality of Life Rank: 46 | Population: 2,991,400

49. Maine
Business Costs Rank: 40 | Labor Supply Rank: 36 | Regulatory Environment Rank: 45
Economic Climate Rank: 48 | Growth Prospects Rank: 48 | Quality of Life Rank: 27 | Population: 1,328,700

48. West Virginia
Business Costs Rank: 22 | Labor Supply Rank: 50 | Regulatory Environment Rank: 48
Economic Climate Rank: 18 | Growth Prospects Rank: 50 | Quality of Life Rank: 39 | Population: 1,853,600

47. New Mexico
Business Costs Rank: 27 | Labor Supply Rank: 40 | Regulatory Environment Rank: 28
Economic Climate Rank: 46 | Growth Prospects Rank: 44 | Quality of Life Rank: 50 | Population: 2,086,500

46. Rhode Island
Business Costs Rank: 36 | Labor Supply Rank: 35 | Regulatory Environment Rank: 49
Economic Climate Rank: 39 | Growth Prospects Rank: 35 | Quality of Life Rank: 20 | Population: 1,052,200

45. Hawaii
Business Costs Rank: 50 | Labor Supply Rank: 13 | Regulatory Environment Rank: 50
Economic Climate Rank: 30 | Growth Prospects Rank: 41 | Quality of Life Rank: 19 | Population: 1,409,600

44. Alabama
Business Costs Rank: 25 | Labor Supply Rank: 449 | Regulatory Environment Rank: 23
Economic Climate Rank: 45 | Growth Prospects Rank: 21 | Quality of Life Rank: 28 | Population: 4,842,400

43. Vermont
Business Costs Rank: 44 | Labor Supply Rank: 24 | Regulatory Environment Rank: 47
Economic Climate Rank: 19 | Growth Prospects Rank: 47 | Quality of Life Rank: 18 | Population: 625,500

42. Michigan
Business Costs Rank: 39 | Labor Supply Rank: 47 | Regulatory Environment Rank: 19
Economic Climate Rank: 34 | Growth Prospects Rank: 34 | Quality of Life Rank: 21 | Population: 9,899,500

41. New Jersey
Business Costs Rank: 48 | Labor Supply Rank: 25 | Regulatory Environment Rank: 38
Economic Climate Rank: 40 | Growth Prospects Rank: 37 | Quality of Life Rank: 4 | Population: 8,913,900

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