24 Highest-paid hosts in the news business: Top Paid News Anchors

24 Highest-paid hosts in the news business: Top Paid News Anchors

In the world of TV news, NBC “Today” co-anchor Matt Lauer has been named the highest paid hosts in the news business —- top-paid news broadcaster, drawing an estimated $22-25 million every year, according to TV Guide.

Here is the full list, some of the figures may startle you!

Fox News host, Bill O’Reilly ranked No. 2, drawing an estimated $17 million a year, followed by Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts  (3rd,) NBC Nightly’s Brian Williams (4th,) and CNN’s Anderson Cooper (5th,) pulling in a reported an eye-popping $11 million a year.

Matt Lauer with Robert De Niro

Who makes the most money for keeping the public informed and entertained – 24 Highest-paid hosts in the news business: Top- Paid News Anchors?

1. Matt Lauer, Today $22–25 million

2. Bill O’Reilly, The O’Reilly Factor $18 million

3. Robin Roberts, Good Morning America $14 million

4. Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News $13 million

5. Anderson Cooper,
Anderson Cooper 360 $11 million

6. Shepard Smith,
Shepard Smith Reporting $10 million

7. George Stephanopoulos,
GMA , This Week $9 million

8. Rachel Maddow,
The Rachel Maddow Show $7 million

9. Scott Pelley,
CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes $7 million

10. Bret Baier,
Special Report With Bret Baier $6 million

11. Maria Bartiromo,
Fox Business $6 million

12. Katie Couric,
Yahoo! News $6 million

13. Megyn Kelly,
The Kelly File $6 million

14. David Muir,
ABC World News, 20/20 $5 million

15. David Gregory,
Meet the Press $4 million

16. Lawrence O’Donnell,
The Last Word $4 million

17. Erin Burnett
, OutFront $3 million

18. Nancy Grace,
Nancy Grace $3 million

19. Steve Kroft,
60 Minutes $3 million

20. Willie Geist,
Today, Morning Joe $2.5 million

21. Natalie Morales,
Today $2.5 million

22. Byron Pitts,
ABC News $1.2 million

23. Bill Weir,
CNN $750,000

24. Ronan Farrow,
Ronan Farrow Daily $650,000

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