Which Countries Have The Highest Rates Of Sex Satisfaction, Plus Sex On A Weekly Basis? 814

Did you know that Greece tops the list of having the most sex on a weekly basis? Or that Just over half of people in the United States have weekly sex? Or that Greeks are only 51% satisfied with their sex? Of course you didn’t!

Thankfully, the map below shows what each country does best compared to all other countries…

Greece ranks No. 1 in the list of countries of having the most sex on a weekly basis  at 87%. Rounding out the top 3 spots were Brazil and Russia at 82% and 80%. The United States limped in at 19th place with only 53% respondents claiming weekly satisfaction.

Sex Satisfaction by Country: Nigerians citizens are the most satisfied at 67% and followed by Mexico at 63%. The Greeks are only 51% satisfied with their sex even though they topped the “most sex per week” list. The United States is partially satisfied at 48% but ranks higher than Brazil, China, and Russia, which all have 42% sexual satisfaction. Japanese, who have sex least often, also have the lowest sexual satisfaction at 15%.

Sex on a Weekly Basis by Country:  So, the higher a country appears on the list, the more of its citizens are having sex — which means at least once a week.  The top 10 horniest countries ===>

1) Greece — 87%
2) Brazil — 82%
3) Russia — 80%
4) China — 78%
5) Italy — 76%
6) Poland — 76%
7) Malaysia — 74%
8) Switzerland — 72%
9) Spain — 72%
10) Mexico — 71%

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