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Thursday, October 27, 2016
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How To Calculate Your Return On Social Media Investments (Social-Media ROI)?


How To Calculate Your Return On Social Media Investments (Social-Media ROI)?

In the wake of the social Media evolution and revolution of recent years, corporate world is still trying to figure Out their return on social media investments (Social-Media ROI).

It’s one thing to have ideas and concepts, but they want to know if their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter marketing campaigns are actually delivering a WOW customer service.

I’ve done a lot of research on what could be the best Enterprise-Grade Tools — social CRM, social media monitoring, media engagement, social intelligence, and enterprise listening platforms?

Here is the list in no particular order:

1) Expion’s Marketing Insights : It  allows companies to integrate multiple social activity streams in real-time to create highly visual analytic reports. Discover patterns, breakouts and trends to optimize your social media marketing efforts.

2) Gremln  – Gremln’s Enterprise Solutions yield viewable, measurable results. Perfect for large teams that need to work together on common social media marketing and engagement goals.  From message management and customer engagement to social analytics and education, Gremln’s unique feature set is specifically designed to help you master the social media marketing landscape.
3) SimplyMeasured  – SimplyMeasured is one of the best tool for social media reporting, but quite pricey — $2,500/month.

4) SproutSocial  Sprout is a scalable social solution built for teams, it incredibly efficient to engage with customers across multiple social channels.
5) Sysomos –  Comprehensive real-time monitoring dashboard to collect all relevant online conversations to gain insights with detailed metrics and intuitive graphics.
Please share your favorite social media monitoring tool. If you think, i should add a tool — please email me at

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