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Top 10 jobs with great perks that aren’t perfect- Dream jobs that sucks

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Top 10 jobs with great perks that aren’t perfect- Dream jobs that sucks

1) Celebrity Assistant – an assistant to Hollywood celebrities and business powerhouses seems glamorous but “Difficult for you to find, maintain and grow in your own character, personality and identity”  

2) Travel Writer – interfere with her personal life, miss things in town like birthday parties and weddings

3) Matchmaker – acts as a serious deterrent for your personal relationship

4) Bed and Breakfast Owner – amount of work involved is big

5) Sporting Event Producer – long hours and the event planning process is very tedious

6) Private Investigator – long hours and not every hour is paid

7) Social Media Manager – a lot of behind-the-scenes analysis and planning

8) Jewelry Designer – an extensive product assortment creates stress throughout the business

9) Conference and Meeting Planner – very busy life, sometimes you’re lucky if you are able to change clothes every day

10) Blogger – Not having the structured 9-to-5 routine, difficult to separate work from my personal life

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