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I Want Your Brains T-Shirt – Aside from uncle Sam being a Terrifying zombie, the snake thing makes me nervous. Would cold blooded creatures be chill around the walking dead? No body heat, so would they smell the life on them? Think about it. . . it’s deep

Crawling Zombie Doorstop

The Zombie invasion is in full swing here.  We are excited to announce that the Zombie Doorstop (Crawling) has just broken into the warehouse.  Our shelves are now filled with gruesome corpses.

Do not panic!  The crawling zombie is here to stop that annoying door right in its tracks.  Now you can have your very own undead friend hold the door open for you.  Who knew Zombies could be so helpful!


Ewwwww… yum!  Impress your friends and family as you reenact scenes from Night of the Living Dead with a gelatin brain.  Come on, there’s always room for BRRAAAAIIIINNNSSS!

Our plastic Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold includes a recipe for Worm Infested Zombie Brain and measures 9 inches long x 7.5 inches wide x 3 inches deep.

Remote Control Zombie

Barricade yourself in the basement of an abandoned farmhouse! This Remote Control Zombie will trudge forward and groan when you activate him by pressing the button on the brain-shaped remote. Horrifyingly entertaining!

Zombie Head Cookie Jar

Do you think that if zombies had enough presence of mind to cook, that they’d bake things out of brains? We can imagine there being zombie bakeries, where they whip up brain-shaped cupcakes with frosting made from blended parietal lobe. (Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It really adds a certain zing to cream cheese frosting. Way better than nutmeg, IMNSHO.) And of course, there’d have to be chocolate chip cookies with chunks of medulla oblongata. OMG, delish.

Amelia Grant , Staff Writer

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Associate editor (Digital Content) at CEOWORLD Magazine
Associate editor (Digital Content) at the CEOWORLD magazine. New Yorker. Generally prefer dogs to humans. Loves dragons.
Amelia Grant , Staff Writer

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