Top 10 Events or News Stories of the past Decade of 21st Century- Major World Events

When the millennium started in 2000 we were worried about Y2K, Clinton was US President, the World Trade Center stood tall and no one knew about Facebook! We’re taking you back over 3,000 days into the past – back to 2000, reminding you of the biggest events that have shaped our present-day lives.

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Terrorist attacks- 9/11 World Trade Centre & 26/11 Taj Hotel Mumbai,  First African-American as US President Barack Obama, Birth of Euro Zone and Euro currency, Rising Status as a World Power- China and India, War in Iraq & Afghanistan, Economic Meltdown- Global Recession of 2008/2009, Death of Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul II, The WikiLeaks Documents, Hurricane Katrina and Indian Ocean Tsunami , Facebook

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Todd Aitken Staff Writer
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