Top 10 Best Sexiest Perfumes for woman- woman’s Fragrances and Perfumes That Attract Men

There are two distinct things about perfume. The bottle and the fragrance. Women can appreciate each, make sure the fragrance is nice and the bottle represents something special to her as well. Women know what smells cheap and what smells  classy, even if they have never heard of the brand that you have purchased. ou have to remember also that just because it is something that smells nice to you, does not mean that it will smell nice to her. You can find a huge variety of women’s perfumes on several websites. There are top brands for women and top designers available for them too.

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Famous designers as well as famous personalities develop designer women’s perfumes. The price differences of women’s perfumes are according to the brand of the perfume. Big designer houses like Armani, Prada and Gucci who are famous because of other products are already highly priced.  Chanel No. 5, Vera Wang: The Fragrance/Princess, 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, Delices de Cartier by Cartier, Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez, Pink Sugar by Aquolina, Hanae Mori Butterfly by Hanae Mori, Magnetism by Escada, Brit by Burberry.

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Editor, Megan Batchelor

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